Robin Thicke is Still Douching All Over Paula Patton

3/26/2014 11:15 AM PDT, by
It's been about a month since we learned that Paula Patton is no longer interested in watching Robin Thicke give out free rectal exams to young ladies in nightclubs ... how does it feel? Kind of gross -- still -- right? But that might just be because Robin Thicke insists on trying to publicly win back back her heart, and it keeps publicly not working.

If you'll remember, and surely it's been scarred into your memory by now, Robin has developed an embarrassing habit of discussing his relationship woes at his concerts. But now, he's stepped it up a notch: he's discussing his relationship woes with magazines.

Here's how he explained his quest to get back with Paula:

"My music is very honest about what I'm going through and my songs are about my life. And my relationship with her was 21 years of my life, so I just thought it was important to me to let people know how much she means to me."

And here's what he says her reaction was:

"She loved it. She thought it was the sweetest thing and very romantic, and I've always been a romantic guy that way. We're both doing well. We're both very happy right now – much happier. Everything about this moment in my life – this amazing year I just had and what I'm going through personally – has actually ignited some of the best writing I've done in a long time. Whatever everybody's wondering about, they're going to hear it all in the album."

Oh, she loved it? Well, that's not what we heard. And you know what we also heard? That Robin is still a desperate douchebag who won't just stop for a minute and consider that maybe he's sort of ruining his life, and by virtue, others' lives with all this. And we heard that straight from the douche's mouth. After all, 21 years might be a long time, but that doesn't make all his gross behavior acceptable.

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