Courtney Love Still Hasn't Learned How to Not Be An Ignorant Troll

3/27/2014 3:00 PM PDT, by

Courtney Love, what a disappointing, obnoxious human being. She has this video blog thing, which basically just looks like a self indulgent mess, but in the most recent episode, she discusses the Kardashians. Which quickly turns into discussing Bruce Jenner and what she thinks is going on with him. Spoiler alert: she thinks he might be taking estrogen.

According to Courtney, Bruce used to be so "masculine" when he was in the Olympics, but now he has longer fingernails, so there must have been something very serious that happened to him. And sorry, but that's ridiculous. Bruce is still athletic, obviously, and does it honestly matter if he's decided to grow out his hair? Does the length of his fingernails really call for this much speculation?

And even if Bruce was taking estrogen -- there is zero evidence of this, by the way -- in what universe is it Courtney Love's business? And why would it be a bad thing? The way Courtney talks about it, she makes it seem reprehensible, which is not only not true, but it's also really dumb and offensive. You know, like a lot of things that Courtney has done in her career.

Pack it in, girl. Let's just let this one go.
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