Oh My God, Is Kaley Cuoco PREGNANT?!

3/27/2014 12:00 PM PDT, by
We have a situation on our hands, friends, because Kaley Cuoco went to an event last night, and she wore this baggy ol' mess of a dress. She's always gorgeous, of course, but this ensemble right here is one of the most unflattering things she could have picked. It looks comfortable, sure, but there's no shape at all to it, and she usually wears such cute, form-fitting looks. Could it be that she's hiding something? Something like ... a baby bump?!

Let's not pretend like it would be totally crazy if she's already pregnant, OK? This is, after all, the girl that moved a guy in at the end of the first date, and got engaged to him a couple weeks after that. It would actually be totally fitting if she's pregnant now -- they've almost known each other for a whole year, there's no time to waste! She's probably a little behind schedule, if you think about it. If anything, she should be on the second kid by now.

So, uh, congratulations, I guess? Or maybe just "please burn that dress"? Who even knows with Kaley?

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