Quotables: Ahh, Tara Reid Did Have a Heyday

3/27/2014 6:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

"Have kissed [Tom Brady]. 
He's pretty good looking." 

--Tara Reid on the radio, talking about that one time when she allegedly hooked up with Gisele Bundchen's husband (and New England Patriots quarterback), Tom Brady, and wow, what a step up that must have been for her, huh?

Tara claims it happened while she was riding high on "American Pie" fame back around 2002, and long before her hard-partying days had kicked in fully. 

... We're not saying we disbelieve Tara, because hey -- she was just a smidge more famous than Tom Brady was in '02. Despite that, though, we're not exactly signing up to consecrate this thing as creed. It could be for absolutely real, and yes -- stranger things have happened, don't you know.

What a weird pairing. 


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