Not All Changes Are For the Best, Hilary Duff

3/28/2014 5:15 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Let's be frank here -- Hilary Duff is apparently coming into her own again after her recent split with husband Mike Comrie, and trying out all sorts of new things to see whether or not they work for her. It's obvious that she's is looking for a new version of herself, but as evidenced by this drastic before-and-after selfie, I think it's going a little bit too far.

Case in point: the constant barrage of selfies, the overt fiddling with her appearance ... Also, this extra-bright blonde + pillow lipped combination is not deterring us from the notion that she's pretty concerned with the way she's coming across for public consumption lately. 

Where's the down-to-earth, avoid glam at all costs-Hilary that we grew so accustomed to over the last few years? It's cool that you want to change your look up and what not, sweetheart, and it's your prerogative, but just be careful. Be careful that the attitude doesn't start emulating the pursed lips and look-at-me hair, because we like you just the way that you are inside. 
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