Good for You, Madonna

3/31/2014 2:45 PM PDT, by
, wacky old soul that she is, went and posted this photo on her Instagram that shows her laughing. We can talk about how she's wearing her sparkly headpiece and her fishnets another time -- because what is that, her or something uniform lately? -- but for now, let's just talk about how she captioned that photo:

Laughing at all the haters out there who spend their energy trying to limit and label me with their prejudices and fears! Take your evil tongue and eye and turn them into birds that fly! Don't waste precious time. Spend it on things you love! #rebelheart#artforfreedom

And you know what? That's great. That's really good that she has that attitude. Because while we have a giggle over Madonna's ridiculous from time to time, it's not like we sit over here, constantly stewing over Madonna and her grill or whatever. We don't feel actual feelings other than "Ha ha, look, it looks like she's cleaning her house with her tongue." She's annoying a lot of times, sure, but if she's able to rise above what people think of her like this, then that's amazing. Nobody can hate on that.

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