Congratulations, World -- Alexa Ray Joel Looks Like Everybody Else in Hollywood Now

4/2/2014 8:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
At one point in her career, Billy Joel's daughter -- Alexa Ray Joel -- was fresh-faced, unique, and like nobody else in show business. The other thing that set her apart, other than her natural beauty was her talent: Alexa Ray can sing and play the piano like you don't even know, and that's saying a lot in the business where auto-tune and twerking are keys to success. 

After 6 short years, however, 28 year old Alexa ray has changed -- a lot -- and now she looks just like everyone else in Hollywood. After publicly acknowledging that she was bullied by both peers and the media, Alexa admitted to plastic surgery and extensive makeovers, and hell -- now poor Alexa Ray Joel could probably pass for a Kardashian or even a Jenner these days.

The above photo is a side-by-side comparison of Alexa 6 years ago (on the left) and Alexa last night (on the right). 

See what the world did there? See what happened when it disallowed someone from being who they were born to be? Congrats, world -- you're a bitter, jealous jerk.  

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