Whoa, When Did Kris Jenner Get Likable?

4/2/2014 1:00 PM PDT, by
Kris Jenner
is ... well, let's just say that there are people in the world who are more popular than Kris Jenner. Is that a nice way to say it? Actually, there are probably cold sores in the world that are more popular than Kris Jenner. She's just got something about her that makes her not that appealing to a whole lot of people. But you know what? That's about to change. Because she just made fun of her most profitable daughter, Kim Kardashian. And it's wonderful.

Kris saw that delightful photo of Kim with the elephant and the selfie and the face that launched a thousand LOLs -- you know the one. And she posted that photo to her Instagram, and instead of sympathizing with her daughter's woes, she laughed at her. It's pretty great:

Ahahahahah @kimkardashian #scaredycat #hesjustababykim

That's so funny, Kris, because we said the exact same thing! Maybe you're not so terrible after all!

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