Jennifer Love Hewitt Just Turned Into a Role Model!

4/3/2014 4:00 PM PDT, by
Oh, guys, guys, Jennifer Love Hewitt! Isn't she the sweetest?! She's been away for a while, having a baby and getting married and all, but she's back again! And she's saying just the greatest things. 

Like this thing that she said about losing her baby weight:

"I really thought I was going to be super consumed with trying to get my body back to the way it was before, and now that I'm a mom, I'm like I don't want to be that girl again because that girl didn't have a baby and didn't have a great husband and didn't have this blissful existence that I'm having now."

And this thing about her precious exercise:

"I've been doing Zumba, and I've worked it out so the baby's been doing Zumba with me. We dance together, and I carry her as a weight so we've been having fun that way. The body takes about six months to fully come back so I haven't wanted to injure myself so I've been swimming because it's low impact on my system."

And this thing about her precious baby:

"She just turned four months, and on her four-month birthday, she laughed, like belly laughed for the first time which was amazing. She can put her pacifier in her mouth and take it out by herself and she's starting to rub my arm, it's really sweet. She's becoming a person, it's crazy."

There now, isn't that just the greatest interview you've ever read? Jennifer Love Hewitt deserves all the love, y'all, so go ahead and give it to her, all right? 
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