Nick Cannon Just Crossed The Line in A Major Way

4/4/2014 11:00 AM PDT, by
Nick Cannon
has been sort of off his rocker for a little bit now -- bless his heart, he thinks he's obnoxious whiteface makeup is just the edgiest, most hilarious thing -- but this time, he really went too far. Yes, he's still doing the "ha ha, I am pushing boundaries as a very funny comedian" thing that's just so tragic, but still, it's too much. Here, check out what he said in a "comedy" routine:

"All the racists in here make some noise. I'm right there with you. I'm racist too. Yes, I am a racist, I'll say it. I stereotype. There's a stereotype for reasons. I'm prejudiced. All prejudice means is pre-judging. Yes, I pre-judge people, I do. If I meet somebody from India, I assume they house smell like curry. My Asian friends, I don't let them walk my dog. Because they might wok my dog! I'm racist! I am. If I see a middle-aged white man in some sweatpants by a school, pedophile!"

Ha ha, Nick Cannon. But seriously, what is wrong with you? How is this even remotely OK? You know, just because you say wildly offensive things doesn't automatically make it comedy. Did you really not know that?

The sadness, friends. It just keeps on coming with this one.
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