Quotables: Prepare to Be Disappointed in Cameron Diaz

4/10/2014 4:00 PM PDT, by
"I am not great with labels. I am not a person who likes to put labels on anyone. But in terms of what you can have and what you can't have, it's all relative. So, what are we fighting for? What do we want more of? If we are fighting to have what men have, is that really what we want? 
There are certain things we should all have: male, female, straight, gay, whatever ethnicity. Basic civil rights we should all have, absolutely. And we should never stop fighting for that. But representation in film? [That's] not life or death. We can still live those stories, we can still keep building our own understanding of women and our relationships, and can still, in life, be engaged by those things and not see it on the screen for it to proliferate. There are certain things I'd concentrate on, as a human being, rather than a feminist. As a woman, I am not looking to have all the things men have. As human beings, we should all have what we all deserve. I will always fight for that. But whether I feel women are under-represented ... I feel there are a lot of ways I can spread that message, and a lot of ways I can be engaged to help people understand that it's something I think is important."

--Cameron Diaz gives the longest, most ridiculous reason for not calling herself a feminist. Also, ugh.

Look, obviously Cameron doesn't have to call herself a feminist if she doesn't want to, but what's the big deal about just saying "yes, I believe that women should be equal to men"? Why is that such a huge thing? And no, of course, women getting represented in film isn't "life or death," but Cameron Diaz, like it or not, is one of the biggest female movie stars today, and she had to just push the issue aside like that? It's more than a little disappointing, that's all.
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