Demi Lovato's Whipped Enough to Defend Skin-Crawling Upchuck Personified

4/10/2014 1:15 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Demi Lovato just got real (obnoxious) about her on-again, off-again boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, and not only is she completely wrong about this dude, she's completely embarrassing for coming to his rescue when God knows what he's been doing all these years when they haven't been on. 
Fez and Demi have had a pretty complicated relationship from the get-go -- and by "get-go," I mean "he started dating her around the time she was at her most vulnerable, like Fez always swoops and in does" -- and the coupling has been plagued with drama for the longest time. Remember that time he was alleged to have cheated on Demi with Minka Kelly? OK, that's one thing, and like fleas, where there's one, there's likely at least 100.

Anyway, the Daily Beast wrote this big long piece (which we applaud) on the squickiness that is Wilmer Valderrama, and Demi took it so, so personally. So personally, guys. Here's what she said in response to their article

@theDailyBeast such a classy "news site" you are. Writing horrible things about people you know NOTHING about. Get a LIFE you ignorant f--ks.  

Classy, right? Not so much -- and the post, if you read it, contains only things that you've probably thought to yourself one time or another, like how he's entirely disgusting and disrespectful for the way he outed many of his former sexual conquests (including Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore, and Ashlee Simpson), and including, but not limited to, his boasts about having a gigantic wiener (that's the way to a classy girl's heart, you know?). 

Maybe if Demi's sometimes-boyfriend wasn't such a skeeze, people wouldn't feel the need to objectify him for ... well, being a skeeze. 

Chill out, Demi -- as time goes by, you'll realize you're way too good for this douche, too.
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