Why Would You Do This to Yourself, Ben Savage? WHY?

4/11/2014 4:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
While everybody's going insane over "Girl Meets World," the spinoff from our swan song of adolescent shows, headliner Ben Savage is doing something really, really different with his nose these days.

While we can't confirm what we don't know about possible plastic surgery (because litigation!), we can confirm that there's just got to be something happening there that doesn't involve simply sucking the nostrils into your face as hard as you can and walking around with a permanent nasal squeak as a result (what -- you've never done that?). 

Check out the above photos of the evolution of Corey's nose and you tell us -- what the heck happened here? Was this all because of "Girl Meets World," or is there a bigger picture to consider?

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