Did Beyonce Photoshop Away Half Her Body Weight or What?

4/11/2014 9:00 AM PDT, by
Before we get started, let's just say that Beyonce is almost inhumanly gorgeous. She is a beautiful person. Her body is to die for, and so is her face, she is stunning. All right, now that we've said all that, we can say this: what on earth is going on with that crazy thigh gap up there?!

In case you hadn't heard, Beyonce is bootylicious. Guys, she's said so herself. She's said that her body is too bootylicious for you (baby), and that means that she has a big booty. A big, glorious booty. And you know what generally happens when a lady has a big booty? She has bigger thighs to hold it up. And that's certainly the case for Beyonce -- check out that photo on the right. Yep, any way you slice it, Beyonce has that incredible booty/thigh situation going on. And so what's the deal with the photo on the left?

Thigh gaps are really in right now (even though your beauty in no way, shape, or form depends on the amount of space between your legs, in case you didn't know), and in that photo, Beyonce has a pretty massive thigh gap. She also has some weird curves going on in the inner thigh area, and not to be creepy, but if you look right below her crotch region, it kind of looks like the grass in the background there doesn't match up with the grass around her. So did she Photoshop that gap in there? Is this just a bizarre shot? We don't know, friends. But we do know this: dang, Beyonce is hot.

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