Nobody Loves Farrah Abraham Like Farrah Abraham!

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Oh, what a gift we have in Farrah Abraham. She's everything, you guys. She's so hilariously simple, she provides us with hours and hours of laughter and glee, and she's just so darn persistent that she'll never, ever go away. Yes, we'll be able to laugh at Farrah here for years and years to come, doesn't that make you just so excited for the future?!

Farrah, bless her heart, just did an interview, and she talks about such delightful topics as her "writing," her future with dating, and her relationship with the cast of "Teen Mom." There are five hearty LOLs in here, at least. You're going to love it.

On writing her new erotic novel, "Celebrity Sex Tape":

"I think because of the experiences I went through, and I think some of them were unfair, and I guess judged incorrectly from the public when I was going through some things with my sex tape. 
I think it was the catalyst for me to start writing therapeutically, and then I was thinking of fictional characters so I could kind of get out of my head and this came about."

On dating and fake people:

"I think dating is definitely easier, but I’m working on some other projects right now that help me be around more level-headed men and I hope to find myself a great business man who has his own thing going on and not really about entertainment. I really just want them to get to know me for who I am, and the hardworking individual that I am. Not like some sex symbol, not some person who’s a reality star, I’m like a very real person, and I just don’t want anymore fake people."

On "Teen Mom":

"Truthfully I was never friends with any of them. Personally I like to keep my life separate. We came in this project separate, and I think it’s best we keep our lives separate."

Can someone conduct a study on this girl's brain? Because there is some wacky stuff going on in there. 

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