It's About to Get Real Obnoxious in Here

4/14/2014 2:00 PM PDT, by
Awww, guys, didn't you miss the frustration and the heavy sense of hopelessness that came over you when you heard about the young love between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez? Two wild and crazy kids who became wild and crazy adults, all while insisting on carrying on with this terrible romance. A romance that began with IHOP and ended somewhere between rehab, arrests, and impressively douchey behavior. It was just the weirdest, most annoying time. And, lucky for us, it just might be happening all over again!

People spoke to some sources who were at Coachella yesterday, and you know what those rascally sources said? They said that when Justin did his surprise performance with Chance the Rapper, Selena was over on the sidelines, watching him do his silly thing. Here's what allegedly happened next:

"Right after his performance Bieber walked off stage and watched the rest of Chance's set with Selena Gomez. They were there for around 15 minutes until Bieber touched Gomez on her mid back as if to say, 'Let's go,' and the two left together."  

And oh, this woeful tweet from a witness: Why can't people just figure out what is bad for them and stop doing it? Even it "it" happens to be an incredibly famous pop star. It's not worth it, kids. No matter what kind of magic spell Justin's dumb diaper pants have placed over Selena, no matter how much those stupid tattoos might speak to Selena's soul, it just needs to be over now. Please. It needs to be done.

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