Charlize Theron Might Make the Biggest Mistake of Her Whole Entire Life

4/15/2014 1:00 PM PDT, by
You're going to need to sit down for this, because there's a solid chance you're going to faint from sadness when you hear this report about your girl Charlize Theron: she might be getting engaged soon. To Sean Penn. Uh oh, right?

Apparently Charlize and Sean's buddies are expecting an engagement soon, can you imagine? Charlize Theron is basically the most amazing person to ever exist, and it was hard enough when she started dating Sean Penn, but if she's going to go and get married to him? Game over, friends. There's no coming back from that.

Just in case you didn't remember, Sean there sort of has a history of being violent. Guys, he threw a rock a photographer and he beat up Madonna. Madonna. Is this a guy we can trust with one of the world's greatest treasures? I truly think not. 

Hey, for real though, can we go ahead and end this thing?
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