Christina Aguilera Has the Cutest Pregnancy Boobs in the History of Ever

4/16/2014 1:20 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Christina Aguilera
-- not just her boobs -- is pregnant, and she looks absolutely effervescent. She looks happy and healthy and bubbly and ... well, busty, obviously, and thank goodness for all of the future Christina Aguilera photos out there, because girl is ramping up to have the most glamorous, seductive pregnancy ever. 

Christina was photographed outside of a New York City gym, where it's apparent she's keeping her lithe figure up for the challenge of gestation and childbirth. The photo on the left showcases her hotness, and the one on the right does, too, but it's obvious which photo is pregnant Christina and  which is not. 

Looking good, sweetheart -- like, really, really good.  

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