15-Year-Old Bindi Irwin Sets the Bar for Classy Teenagers

4/21/2014 8:15 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Note to Kendall and Kylie Jenner: this is what you could have been if you were raised to have different priorities in life aside from cutting-edge fashion, money, and selfies -- a down-to-earth childhood experience that apparently rendered lots of teachable moments and a decent grasp on real life. 

This is the late Steve Irwin's daughter, Bindi Irwin, and the photo depicts how she spent her Easter holiday weekend -- with cupcakes, family, and "blessings," as she put it., and imagine that! She's wearing full-length jeans with no holes or strategically-placed fading in intimate areas, and that t-shirt is positively shapeless. It's like she's not even trying to show her adolescent figure off; can you even believe it? 

I'm not gonna say it's not too late for the Jenner girls, for example, because any bit of "late" in their case is definitely too much, but maybe they can take this as a suggestion to look back at their abrupt childhoods for a second so as to maybe learn moving forward. 

Love you, Bindi -- stay you!
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