Kim Kardashian Puts the 'K' in 'KVapid'

4/23/2014 10:00 AM PDT, by
Oh, friends, you are just going to giggle all over the place with this one, because this is just a delightful tale of Kim Kardashian and her remarkable narcissism. Her ego is so big that it it went from being funny to troublesome, and all the way back again. Because Kim has been seen going around, buying copy after copy after copy -- seriously, guys, she bought a ton -- of issues of Vogue. What's that? She and Kanye are still the cover girls right now? We know. That's what makes it super duper hilarious.

What happened was that Kim dragged poor Kendall Jenner along with her to a newsstand, and together they bought up nearly all of the copies of Vogue available. Why? We don't know. Probably it was because Kim wanted to make a collage of herself so that she could admire her beauty. Or maybe it was because Kim wants to make a wallpaper out of that cover. Or ooh, I know, it could be because she's building a shrine to herself in her closet and she needed to prove her own devotion to herself. There are many, many reasons why Kim might have purchased all these magazines, but at least they're all just so funny.

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