Roseanne Is, Was, and Will Always Be HOT

4/24/2014 10:00 AM PDT, by
, y'all ... where do we start with such a legend? Because that's what she is -- she did the greatest sitcom of all time, she's one of the strongest, most inspirational women the world's ever seen, and now, finally, with brand new photos like this one right here, everyone's finally starting to acknowledge the fact that she's also gorgeous. Basically, it's a great time to be Roseanne, and it's also a great time to be in the presence of Roseanne. Get excited, everybody. We're pretty much blessed.

She posted that killer photo last night, and really, we just have to bow down to her greatness at this point. This woman is 61 years old, and damn, is she stunning. Yes, friends, in this lifetime we can only hope to achieve even the tiniest fraction of Roseanne's overall greatness, a microscopic sliver of her magnificent beauty. Oh, and did we mention just how lovely she is?

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