Kim Kardashian's Throwbacks Tell a Different Story

4/25/2014 6:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Kim Kardashian has long played the "Plastic surgery for my face? Me? God, no never!" card, but lots of people think that she might not exactly be on the up and up with the truth (read: us. We're the ones who think she's not being exactly forthright, but hell -- what do we know? It's not our face). This latest throwback photo, however, posted by Kim herself sure tells a different story than the one she's been peddling all these years. 

See, that's Kim on the left, and it was a good few years ago. That's also Kim on the right, at one of her more recent public functions, and you tell me -- does it look like something's drastically different, or is she maybe actually being honest about all of these plastic surgery rumors? 

Check out the gallery below and decide for yourself. God knows girl's got our heads spinning when it comes to that slippery slope known as truth. 

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