Chris Martin is the Saddest Boy in the World

4/29/2014 11:00 AM PDT, by
Oh, Chris Martin ... don't you just want to scoop him up in your arms and give his poor little consciously uncoupled self a big hug? He just seems so sad lately, what with all his talk about being scared of love, and of course his split with Gwyneth Paltrow, not to even mention his characteristically melancholy music. It's all just a big huge mess of sadness, and now that we're seeing some more quotes from his big interview, the sadness just keeps on piling up.

On getting kicked out of Coldplay:

"There was a time [Brian] Eno kicked me out of the band for a few weeks to get everybody else's confidence up. At that time I could be quite strong minded, so he taught us a bit more flexibility and to let everybody get to the end of their idea before judgement is passed. I was famous for tabloid stuff...we had lost our way a bit."

On featuring his children on the new album:

"My daughter is singing in there a little bit too. It was the idea of togetherness through life’s challenges. For me the message is 'don’t ever let go'. For example we’ve had friends who have killed themselves or gone down the wrong road because they haven’t had the right people around them. And that’s really sad. But having my son in the studio with me is really powerful."

On the the of the new album:

"There were lots of songs written but I wanted it to be a journey at looking at everything in your life, either good or bad, and how am I going to get through it."

On what it was like to record the music:

"I don’t want to get too personal but that’s just to me saying ‘You’re amazing, you’ve got to be amazing,’ and I need to improve a bit. It’s a new approach to life, because I had to change it."

Don't you just feel your heart breaking for Chris with this? He seems absolutely miserable, but at least he seems miserable in a hopeful way. Maybe now that he doesn't have to deal with all that GOOP, he can start to get through all this.
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