Tori Spelling Only Further Convinces Us That She's a Fraud

4/29/2014 7:00 AM PDT, by
Right here, right before our very eyes, we have some truly amusing photos of Tori Spelling pretending like she is not Tori Spelling at all: that is, pretending like she is not completely delighted and spiritually fulfilled by being photographed for the public. How crazy, right?! In these photos, she's clearly doing some filming for her reality show, documenting every single detail of her family's innermost turmoil, the possible crumbling of her marriage, but then god forbid, some other person comes up and starts taking some pictures. And that is just inexcusable. It's more than a little suspicious, huh?

Tori Spelling doesn't even make sense, guys. This is just the most embarrassing thing, this little collection of photos. Does this mean that perhaps Tori is all for sharing her life, just as long as she's in control of what gets out there? That perhaps she's totally fine with doing therapy on television and allowing her husband and the father of her children to explain his affair to millions of strangers, but a photo is crossing the line? Why would that be, friends? Why ever would that be? Maybe because the whole thing is fake and she doesn't want any evidence of staged "reality" events? The possibilities are endless, they truly are. Except there's a good chance it's that "fake" thing.
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