That's One Big Ass, Coco

4/30/2014 4:30 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Of course, if you're Coco -- and love Coco, like most of us do -- then that's a compliment, because Coco herself posted the above photo on social media, bragging how her latest bodybuilding exercises helped her gain 2 inches on her backside ... not that we can really tell the difference, because that donk puts Kim Kardashian's ass to a piteous shame. 

Coco says, "After I just tweeted that my booty got bigger from using my bodybuilding techniques from my fitness app everybody wants a pic ... Here you go ... My hips were a 40 now it's a 42 ... #BootyPower." 

Dang, booty power indeed! Looking good, Coco! 

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