George Clooney is the Most Romantic Man on the Face of The Earth, Probably

5/1/2014 9:25 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
George Clooney isn't the suavest man in the whole entire world for no reason, you know -- word on the street is that his proposal to the gorgeous, effervescent Amal Alamuddin was just as romantic as you imagined it would be. 

Sources at the New York Post claim that George popped the question after a home-cooked (by him, that is; home-cooked by George, of course) meal at his place in Studio City, and she happily obliged: 

“George cooked a meal himself for Amal at home on April 22, then he surprised her by getting down on bended knee and presenting her with the ring. He was so happy she accepted, he was calling friends with the news later that night.”

Too sweet, right? For someone who had such a reputation as a playboy at one point, where popping the question might have previously involved grandiose, Kanye West-like gestures and over-the-top productions, it sure seems that George -- if this is all true -- has settled into this amazing relationship where only honest, heartfelt expressions of love are needed ... and save for the honking 7-carat stone, he's like almost everybody else!
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