Don't Be Mad, But Kathy Griffin is Kind of Cute

5/1/2014 3:30 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
So a lot of people tout Kathy Griffin as the next generation of Joan Rivers, and as far as the lewd, crude personalities that both women share, they might be right -- but one thing is for certain: Kathy Griffin hasn't had a fraction of the surgery that ol' Joanie has -- yet -- and if that's the only thing that separates the two, we'll take it ... because Kathy is just so cute in her workout clothes and no makeup, right?

Oh, but wait, what's that? She's not in her exercise clothes, just taking pictures while half-naked backstage, preparing for Jimmy Kimmel's show? 

Well. That changes quite a few things, then. Kathy Griffin -- still kinda hot, but still pretty annoying, too. Sorry!
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