When Did Miley Cyrus Become Kind of Likable?!

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Miley Cyrus
is such a special, special soul, and you can take that any which way you want to. Ever since she started twerking and wearing onesies and whatnot, the world has never even known what to expect from her. She can be super annoying and super fun, all at the very same time. But guys, once you read some of these little quotes from her new interview with Elle, you just might fall in love with her. Give your heart a chance, y'all.

On being a Disney star and being engaged:

"You know, I’m really thankful that I started on Disney. I got the most intense training. There’s times where I wish I could have just started as a new artist, but the world has kind of allowed me to do that. I feel really lucky—a lot of kid stars get all crazy or stuck in what they were, so they can’t actually become what they’re meant to be. When I went through a really intense breakup—you know, I was engaged—and when I was with him or when I was on Disney, the thing that gave me the most anxiety was not knowing what to do with myself when Disney wasn’t there to carry me anymore or if I didn’t have him. And now I’m free of both of those things, and I’m fine. Like, I lay in bed at night by myself and I’m totally okay, and that’s so much stronger than the person three years ago, who would have thought they would have died if they didn’t have a boyfriend." 

On being an icon:

"I’ve just got to make sure that I’m the voice of my generation. I think that I’m allowing girls to be really free with their sexuality. When I was [on tour] in Vancouver and in Washington, it almost made me feel like I was the Beatles. Girls were throwing bras and underwear at me, and, like, totally turned out."

On not giving a f---:

"When I do things that would get someone old to shake their head, my fans go ape s---. Like when we bend over or take our shirts off, we’re giving them that freedom. And that’s what rock ’n’ roll always was. Like, people snuck out to go see Joan Jett, and their mothers would be pissed. And I’m honored to be that girl that gets people out of their comfort zone. I tell a lot of people this, but I don’t give a f---. I think most people would’ve done the VMAs and then been like, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to piss everyone off.” No, I’m not sorry—I made a conscious decision to do that. There were so many things I have had to say sorry for that I wasn’t sorry about."

Something about dancing and Kim Kardashian:

"These pissed-off moms on the Internet—they don’t understand that when you go to a club now it’s not about being black or white or heavy or thick. I’m shaking my ass because I want to shake my ass, not ’cause 'I’m dancing like a black girl!' Even in the fashion industry people are accepting bodies, and I think Kim Kardashian’s done that for a lot of girls." 

On being a feminist:

"I’m just about equality, period. It’s not like, I’m a woman, women should be in charge! I just want there to be equality for everybody. I still don’t think we’re there 100 percent. I mean, guy rappers grab their crotch all f---ing day and have hos around them, but no one talks about it. But if I grab my crotch and I have hot model b----es around me, I’m degrading women? I’m a woman—I should be able to have girls around me! But I’m part of the evolution of that. I hope."

That strange feeling that's floating around your chest region? That's love, guys. That's love growing anew. Cherish it. 

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