Quotables: Seth Rogen is Pretty Much Perfect

5/2/2014 3:00 PM PDT, by
"I'm not a sports fan in any capacity. I follow the outcome of no sporting events on the planet. I wouldn't even care if there was a Canadian soccer team, honestly. I would like to smoke a joint with David Beckham, though. That would be cool ... 
I pretty much smoke weed every day. I work a ton, probably much more than anyone would like to think I do. But I do also smoke weed, which I don't think stops me from working a lot."

--Seth Rogen talks sports, work, and weed, and ... I'm sorry, I just got totally distracted by how incredibly awesome this guy is.

Sure, this isn't some big groundbreaking quote or anything, but not everything has to be earth-shattering to be important, does it? And not everything has to be important to be nice. Sometimes it's just good to listen to an ultra adorable funny guy talk about smoking marijuana with David Beckham. Sometimes, that's enough.

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