Love It or Leave It: Adam Levine is Surely No Ryan Gosling

5/4/2014 4:30 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
If you didn't think Adam Levine was one of the world's most horrific douches by now, maybe this brand-new photo of his bleached-blonde hair will convince you otherwise ... because it's true -- Adam Levine is still the smarmiest, the greasiest, the most arrogant male musician in the land, and now his outward appearance reflects what's within. 

For those of you thinking that we're just blowing steam for no other apparent reason than having a personal vendetta against Levine, here are a few indicator points of douchiness -- things he's actually said: 

"I love attention. I can't stand not having it." 

"I only practice yoga because the classes are always packed with beautiful women." 

And the best, which we've saved for last, "I hate flying. Know why? Because no one really understands how planes work." 

It's magic, Adam Levine -- similar to the magic in your key douchiness that keeps us coming back for more. ... More ridicule, that is. 

Verdict: Leave it. Need we say more?

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