Stars Without Makeup: Adele's Face is as Exciting as Her Possible News!

5/5/2014 7:15 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Adele shared this photo on Twitter last night, and before you even go getting excited about how flawless and beautiful she is without her trademark big hair and dramatic eye makeup and red lip, get a little bit more excited about this: she tweeted the photo with a cryptic message that sounds an awful lot like a new album is on its way out: 
Bearing in mind the fact that Adele's birthday is today -- happy birthday, girl! -- why else would she be claiming to "see" 25 again later in the year if she'll no longer be 25 after the next few hours? Adele's prior albums are titled "19" and "21," respectively, and both were written and/or recorded and/or dropped at the corresponding ages, so is "25" the next new album from Adele? 

Get excited, folks, because there is so, so much good to be had in 2014, apparently. Whee!
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