Dean McDermott is Getting Flat-Out Scary

5/6/2014 4:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

Honestly, you guys, when you see this preview clip of Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling's latest "counseling" session on Lifetime's "True Tori," you're going to wish you had an icepick tap-tap-tapping on your temples, too, because this thing is mad uncomfortable to watch. 

In the upcoming show, airing tonight at 10 PM EST, Tori and Dean examine where she was, and precisely what she was doing while Dean was off gallivanting and cheating on her (as if that has any relevance with regard to healing whatsoever). When Tori revealed that she had been in attendance at Christmas function with her children when Dean was thoughtlessly sticking it in another woman, Dean was so "overcome" with emotion that he appeared to be in physical pain over the memory. And it was creepy. 

Note to Dean, though: guilt and grief usually hit you right in the stomach ... that head thing, buddy, is likely just your blood pressure spiking at the thought that people might actually see through this piteous act and into the real circumstance. That clock's ticking, y'all.

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