Oh Yeah, Jason Derulo's Pretty Gross

5/7/2014 7:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Aside from being the partner of Jordin Sparks and singing that "Talk Dirty" song that won't get out of our heads (and not in a good way), Jason Derulo isn't of much use to us around these here Fishwrapper parts, and though we weren't positive on the reason before, we sure are now: he's kind of a misogynistic pig. Listen to what he recently said about business meetings and strip clubs: 

"You should be able to go to a strip club as a man. ... In America, that's where we have our meetings. Like, a business meeting. ... We're having this million-dollar meeting [in a strip club]. ... Women attend, too, it's not just a men thing." 

While it doesn't seem too offensive off the cuff, here's an insider's tip: Jason seemed to only include women in the melee after the interviewers literally laughed out loud at him the first time around when he said that he holds "business meetings" at a strip club.

Also, in the beginning of the interview, he feigned deafness when asked if he got private rooms during his "meetings," and avoided the question about how Jordin felt about all that. 

Don't get us wrong -- this isn't just a one-sided tirade here: if a woman were to admit to holding her "million dollar" business deals in Chippendale houses, she'd also come across as embarrassing, cheesy, and immature. 

Whaddya say we objectify a few men up in these here parts to wash this ucky taste out of our mouths, huh?

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