Too Little, Too Late, Too Douchey, Dean McDermott

5/8/2014 10:30 AM PDT, by
We don't need to tell you this (again), but man, is Dean McDermott the douchiest douche you've ever seen or what? Something about him is just so absolutely disgusting -- probably it's that thing where he cheated (or "cheated," depending on your perspective) on his wife, poor, simple Tori Spelling, and continuously says the most horrible things on the reality show that he stars in about cheating on his wife. That could be it. But no matter what makes him disgusting, he is, in fact, disgusting, and it really and truly does not help that he never, ever does anything to change our minds.

For instance, do you know what yesterday was? It was Dean and Tori's wedding anniversary! It kind of seems like the worst timing, this whole affair/reality show mess, but yesterday was their anniversary, and Dean was spotted out shopping for some presents. And where did he go? Victoria's Secret. He went to Victoria's Secret and bought some bras or panties or what have you. Is that an appropriate gift from your husband who cheated on you with "a warm body" and who said, on national television, that he didn't like having sex with you? Would that really be a nice little show of affection in these circumstances? Answer: NO.

You know, this guy can stop being so awful any time now, really.

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