Shia LaBeouf is Back to His Obnoxious, Dumb "Art"

5/8/2014 11:45 AM PDT, by
Hasn't it felt like ages and ages since we've been subjected to Shia LaBeoufand his very special brand of "art", AKA plagiarism and ridiculousness? Well, that's because it has been. It's been a few agonizing, horrendous months since we've seen Shia here do something like wear a bag over his head or make a sad, half assed art gallery or rip off an actual artist's work. It's been darn near unbearable. But today is a whole new day, and today, we have a brand new art from Shia. Hope you are so very psyched! Ooh, look, pants on fire! How totally original or thought provoking or beautiful or whatever it is he tries to go for. Serious question though: is he trying to make some sort of commentary on lying -- liar, liar, pants on fire, you know -- or did he just toss some pants onto the grill, Instagram it, and call it a day? Either way, he's too much to handle, but isn't always fun to try to analyze his weird and wacky motives?
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