Quotables: Chrissy Teigen Still Has All The Sassy Perfection

5/9/2014 12:00 PM PDT, by
"The thing is, you don't even want to be mad about someone calling you fat because who the f––– cares? Like if somebody tells me, 'Oh, you look curvier.' That should not be a diss. The fact is, we live in a time where that is a diss. It's horrible we can be like, 'You look so skinny,' and someone's like, 'Thank
 you!' That's horrible. That's equally as horrible to me. So the time we live in, it's upsetting." 

--Chrissy Teigen tells some home truths about the ridiculous, saddening body shaming that goes on pretty much everywhere these days.

Man, whatever happened to the good old days, back when, if you didn't like people, you could talk trash about their personalities and their actual bad qualities, or their outfits, at least. These days, it's all "you're fat," like that's the worst possible thing to be in the whole entire world. It's childish, it's ignorant, and it doesn't even make any sense. If we're going to be catty as all get out, let's at least make sense, OK?
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