Justin Bieber Really Needs to Reconsider Everything

5/9/2014 6:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

If you're into the LOLs that generally surround hypocrites, then this here story's for you, y'all: Justin Bieber -- the very same Justin Bieber arrested for DUI, who has a speckled legal history, a speckled human decency history, and who sings about the super dangerous drug concoction, sizzurp -- has a cameo on the above Christian rap video where he reveres God's grace. 

The song is called "The Pledge," by rapper Brandon Burke, and in it, Burke raps about the United States, the Pledge of Allegiance, and ostensibly, "straight pride." Check out the questionable lyrics: 

"We love man more than we love God 
But we won't call it gay 'cause it's straight pride" 

That's concerning enough on its own and is a conversation for a different post altogether, but turning the focus back to Justin's self-righteous indulgences: have we been considering the Christian religion with an entirely too critical eye? If Justin thinks drug abuse and general pompousness are passable behaviors to enter into an evolved spiritual afterlife, they should we should take his advice and turn into sizzurp-swilling degenerates? No -- because spitting the right words and ideas aren't always a reflection on what's happening with our true principles. 

Put your money where your mouth is, Bieber. If you want to set an example and truly show the world omnipotent deity love, then maybe you should do a little research and act the part. Spiritual health is as spiritual health does, after all.

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