Aww, Look Who's Being Petty and Ridiculous Again!

5/9/2014 8:00 AM PDT, by
Terrible, terrible news here, guys: unless you are some kind of mutant, there is no way in the world that you possess enough eyeballs to roll at Lady Gaga's latest ridiculousness. Because do you know what this annoying brat of a pop star did? She tweeted this catty little mess: And that might seem a little random, unless you've seen photos from Katy Perry's new tour, in which she does in fact have green hair and ride a mechanical horse. Yes, friends, Lady Gaga is trying to start a fight with Katy Perry. Again.

Because, in case you didn't remember, Lady Gaga has had green hair in the past, so she owns that now. From this point until the end of time, if you dye your hair green or if you throw on a green wig, you are officially ripping off Lady Gaga. Green is a color that is synonymous with Lady Gaga, and don't you forget it for even a second. I mean, obviously if Katy has green hair, it's just so "been there, done that" that it's embarrassing. But don't worry, Gaga will probably have the trademark soon enough.

And as for the mechanical horse, Katy has one of those in her show, too, which is just desperate, seeing as how Lady Gaga also used that totally original idea last year at the American Music Awards. Just like the green hair, any and all uses of mechanical animals is now embarrassingly derivative of Lady Gaga. Tell your children.

Really though, this is the most obnoxious nonsense that Lady Gaga's ever gotten into, or, well, at least the most obnoxious nonsense that Lady Gaga's gotten into this week. After all, it's a little amusing that she feels so free to call out other pop stars for ripping her off when that's been the thing that's plagued her for the past several years. Like, Madonna might find this tweet pretty interesting, huh? Oh, of course she would.
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