... Turn Down for What, Miley?

5/9/2014 3:30 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Well, you could turn down for your health, for one. Then there's also this thing called career and personal integrity, and not being photographed looking like a trainwreck. There's also that. But the most important reason, by far, is probably that general wellness thing -- you just got out of the hospital, Miley, and maybe that's the biggest indicator right there that you should take it easy for awhile, because these photos -- aside from being obviously (and substance-related) unflattering -- don't make it look like you're in the healthiest space of your life, girl.

This is Miley's latest foray into the London nightlife, where she partied with the likes of Pixie Lott and Kate Moss at Madame Jojo's cabaret. 

Get it together, girl, jeez -- "worse for the wear" doesn't even fit.
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