That's It, Courtney Stodden Is The Cutest Human That Ever Was

5/11/2014 5:00 AM PDT, by

Courtney Stodden, that super lovable, super boobed girl that we just adore, has a brand new web series. What did we ever do to deserve such a thing? We are so unworthy, friends, of the greatness that lies ahead. Because a Courtney Stodden web series is going to lead into a Courtney Stodden television show which is going to lead into a Courtney Stodden takeover which is going to lead to Courtney Stodden becoming ruler of the world. I mean, one can dream, right?

In that first video up there, Courtney sucks on some helium to do a funny theme song for the series, and oh my god, have you ever heard a cuter laugh? I daresay not. And in this second video, Courtney teaches us all how to take the best selfie possible:

The universe is looking out for us, guys. That's what this is right here. That's all it could be.

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