LeAnn Rimes Is Just as Disappointing as Ever

5/11/2014 5:30 AM PDT, by
LeAnn Rimes
is basically the queen of "I put myself in a bad situation, but I don't understand why bad things are happening," and it's the most ridiculous, most frustrating thing to watch. She can tweet all day long, all these catty little remarks about Brandi Glanville or what have you, and then when people call her catty, she doesn't understand where that comes from. It's like she could go for a walk and someone could comment "LeAnn went for a walk" and she'd be all "how DARE you?!" She can't deal with facts, and that's what makes her a mess.

Speaking of messes, let's check out some quotes from a new interview, shall we?

On her current state:

“I’m kind of restructuring my whole life. I’m kind of having a panic attack. It’s exciting and terrifying. But I’m excited to get new, fresh blood around me and understand where I’m headed now as a 31-year-old woman and not a kid.”

This sadness:

“The past five years, I guess, my celebrity side of things has taken over. Unfortunately, the music kind of got buried. But that’s what I expect and hope will change. I’m so proud of that record, and I know there’s so much more there. I love to sing.”

On how hard it is to be a bonus mom and how "someone" makes it harder:

“Living in a blended family, there’s always going to be some turmoil, but the kids are fantastic. Eddie and I have a very quiet, normal life. Unless someone needs to use it to spin the press for some reason to try and mess with us.”

It's all nonsense, all of it. "My celebrity side of things has taken over," like she doesn't understand why that happened. And didn't you just love that little swipe at Brandi at the end there, that "unless someone needs to use it to spin it" bit? This is just one more thing that's going to make her seem like an obnoxious jackass, and it's just one more thing that's going to make people focus less on her music. It's really not that hard to figure out how that works, is it? 
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