Lil Kim Was Doing So Well ... And Then This Happened

5/12/2014 5:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
If you were looking for all the horror today, you needn't look any further: Lil Kim on the Left -- who looked almost sweetly adorable while at her baby shower event this past weekend -- was doing so well before Lil Kim on the Right barged in and exposed way more of Lil Kim than we ever wanted to see. 

The above picture is basically the oral equivalent of what Robin Thicke did to Lana Scolaro when he thought nobody was looking, if we can be super frank. 

All in all, you can't really blame poor Lil Kim here ... she showed up to her baby shower looking happy and healthy, and just based on the intricately designed dress alone, it's obvious that everything happening in her life right now is pretty important. It almost makes you feel a sad and proud sort of empathy for Kim, but then you catch a glimpse of that kiss pic again, and it all goes out the window. 

Best wishes for a healthy, strong, and less tongue-invested pregnancy, Kim!
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