Your Boobs Are Just as Lovely as Ever, Posh

5/12/2014 4:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Thank goodness for the clarity of thought that sometimes sneaks up upon us all, because Victoria Beckham's breasts look better than ever.

Remember how V used to have those big half-cantaloupe-sized breast implants that were seriously some malformed concept of plastic surgery? Because she did, for a long, long time, but made the consciously wise decision to take them out over the last year. Since then we've oohed and ahhed over the drastic -- and flattering -- difference, but not 'til this point did we have the awesome vantage point that we behold today. 

It goes to show -- miracles do happen, and magic fables like unicorns and leprechauns can exist ... and now we have one less place to look for them -- in Victoria Beckham's impossibly ample and cavernous cleavage, of course. 

Looking good, girl! 

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