Anything You'd Like to Tell Us, Madonna?

5/13/2014 9:00 AM PDT, by
Take a real good look at Madonna's most recent ridiculous selfie: do you notice anything a little telling, perhaps? Maybe something that doesn't quite belong? Hint: it's on the top part of her body and it's something that people who have gotten plastic surgery typically have. DID YOU GUESS?!

She has a scar behind her ear! That fine red line that loops around, it looks like it goes back towards her neck, too. We're not sure what's going on, because for some reason, Madonna still won't answer our phone calls, but we do know that when people get plastic surgery, particularly face lifts, they end up with very similar scars. Strange, right?

Of course, this could be just a total coincidence. Madonna could have gotten the scar some other way entirely, and really, it could actually not be a scar at all, she could have been doodling on herself with a marker. But even if this photo doesn't prove some pretty drastic plastic surgery, it's still a ridiculous photo that Madonna needlessly and desperately felt the need to share with the world. And sometimes, that's enough. 

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