The Beyonce Drama Gets Even Sadder

5/13/2014 7:30 AM PDT, by
Well, we would say that this whole sad, sorry situation with Solange Knowles, Beyonce, and Jay Z has gotten even uglier, but it's kind of impossible for it to get any uglier at all since it started with that awful, terrifying elevator fight. It's certainly getting more sad though, because you know what seems to have happened just now? It seems that Solange may have just erased almost all evidence of Beyonce from her Instagram page. And in this day and age, that says a whole, whole lot.

We can't say for sure what was on Solange's Instagram, but we can say that right now, there's just a few photos of her with Beyonce, a couple taken over a year ago. Despite how old they are, only one has been getting all sorts of recent comments, with people calling it the "only remaining pic of Beyonce on this IG page." According to people who are more well versed in Solange Knowles' Instagram than we are, "there were def a lot more" photos with Beyonce before this, and a few fans even left helpful comments letting Solange know that she forgot to delete this one, too.

Guys ... what happened? What was so bad that Solange felt like she had to lash out like that (which, just so we're clear, is never OK under any circumstance)? I mean, no matter what it was -- seriously, no matter what -- her behavior was just unacceptable, and if she's the one cutting ties, then that just brings on a whole different heap of worries. Can we all try to keep an eye on her, maybe? At least advise her to take the stairs next time or something?

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