This is Probably One of the Most Dysfunctional Marriages in Hollywood

5/14/2014 3:30 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Just when you thought things couldn't get any more embarrassing for Tori Spelling (and Dean McDermott, too ... but who even is he, really) the latest episode of your current favorite television trainwreck series airs, any sense of decorum or self-respect goes out the window. 

In last night's show, Tori and Dean disseminate their marriage (still). In last night's show, Dean McDermott acts super erratic (still). In last night's show, Tori Spelling comes off as a spineless, fame-obsessed martyr (still). Is there any hope for these two? No, probably not -- and just when you thought that Tori might actually be growing a set and considering standing up for herself, Dean is the one who crazily flees the homestead after a heated argument, making claims to the cameras that he just isn't sure he wants to stay in this marriage at all. COMMENCE FRETTING. 

Finally about the show Tori said, "I wanted to tell my story. What I didn't anticipate was how Dean would react. I don't know if our marriage can handle this." 

Case in point? These are (still) 2 of the most emotionally unstable folks on television. Wondering how it's all going to pan out? Just ask their children in 5 years. They'll be the very best examples of how to ruin a kid's life in 3 easy steps. 

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