Lindsay Lohan Sure Doesn't Seem OK

5/16/2014 8:00 AM PDT, by

So this right here, this video you see right with your very eyes, is a video that Lindsay Lohan posted on Instagram last night. And look, we love Lindsay, and we support her so much, but this video? It's a little troubling, if we're being honest.

Look, if you know totally stable individuals who call themselves a "serpentine cowgirl" and do a little hoedown on a crowded street at night, well, then good for you. That's great. And it's not like Lindsay is known for being a super uptight individual or anything, she could just be having a little fun with a friend. But, despite the divine wondrousness that is "Mean Girls," Lindsay is probably best known for a certain behavior of hers. And, goodness gracious, let's just hope that she's not back on the bad behavior wagon.

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