Does Jon Gosselin Ruin the Lives of Women?

5/17/2014 4:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Breaking up with Jon Gosselin seems to, anyhow -- does breaking up with Jon Gosselin (or getting dumped, or whatever happens when you're with Jon Gosselin too long) ruin you? Based on Hailey Glassman -- one of Jon's exes -- the answer is 'yes'. 

The photo above is Hailey while dating Jon (on the left), and Hailey just the other day in New York City. And despite the fact she was dating Jon a few years ago, she looked relatively happy and healthy and somewhat well-rounded. Now, girlfriend just looks meek, tired, and worn out, as if Jon removed some kind of critical piece when the two split. 

What's the deal with Jon Gosselin? How is it possible that he always leaves a wake of sadness and despair anywhere he heads when it comes to romance? 

You're better off without him, Hailey, and we hope you realize that.
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