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You guys are so unbelievably lucky today, because on this day, you get to see so many photos of the supremely gorgeous Brandi Glanville out on the beach, rocking a tiny bikini and a boatload of sass. Don't you feel so privileged? You really, really should, because it's nearly an impossibility for a mere mortal to be this insanely hot. Really, the only person who loses in this situation here is Eddie Cibrian, because he's the jackass who gave up this hotness. Oh, and LeAnn Rimes, LeAnn Rimes probably loses too. You know, just because.

But hey, you're really going to want to look through all these pictures. Because of the previously mentioned hotness, but also so that you can giggle so much more when LeAnn pulls the exact same poses in her highly probably copycat photo shoot. Come on, you love beauty. You love laughter. You will love these photos.
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