Because More Violence Seems Appropriate After Elevatorgate 2014, Right?

5/19/2014 3:30 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

Warning: This video is NSFW for language, violence, gyrating strippers, terrible acting by Blake Lively, and most of all, shamelessness in plugging a concert whose average ticket prices are around $300 a pop. NSF What? Everything, basically. 

The more you consider the video for "Run," a mock  film trailer for a movie that doesn't exist, the more you wonder if the Solange Knowles Met Gala attack wasn't part of a greater ploy to drum up additional publicity for Beyonce and Jay Z's tour, "On the Run."

The above trailer is essentially a super flashy promo for the couple's latest tour, and features the likes of Sean PennDon CheadleGuillermo DiazRashida JonesJake GyllenhaalEmmy Rossum, and a few other prolific actors and actresses.  

One thing is for sure -- Beyonce and Jay Z know how to push their product, dang.
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